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Amaya Story One such world. Which brings you stories through this platform inspired by true events related to the life of people. And the country tries to take all the true stories related to the world to you. And in this work we need the help and love of you guys.

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Amaya Story started in the year March 2020 by Dharmendra Sahni from Sultanpur village of Haryana State

Dharmender Sahni Profile
  • Business
Dharmendra Sahni is a businessman. Those who work in real estate field for a long time.
He started this field in 2014. And in the last 6 years, they have made great progress in this field .
Right now they pay a lot of attention to their old work as well as online work.
Such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger etc.
  • Education 
Completed the 12th exam in the year 2009 in the government school.
And For some reason, he left college studies in 2011
  • Hobbies
He likes to play cricket in his spare time.
Apart from this he likes to play carrom board, bat minton and listen to old songs
  • Persnal Detail
Name                      Dharmender Sahni
Date Of Birth         23 June 1989
Birth Place             Village Suryahi, Distict Madhubani (Bihar)  
Religion                  Hindi
EMail                      dhramsn@gmail.com

If you want to know more about me, then in my blog www.amayastory.com, you must read the article '' A Story of Pain'' written by me about everything from my Born life till now.

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